Fleur’s Minute _ Our Forest Outing _ February 3rd

The 3rd of February finally came. We were all so eager for this day when we would be heading out to the forest ! Our first outing with all age groups too.

Each outing dictates an adult per two children, so with all the children coming along, we needed a lot of participants! A big thank you to all those who took time to accompany us and make this possible.

After an early lunch we put on all our rain gear and headed out by bus to the Fausses Reposses Forest. The following two hours were spent discovering the joys of forest play with the least possible restrictions. We were very lucky with the weather and despite the rainy weather predictions we were lucky not to have one drop of rain during our time out. The rain that came before made for lots of mud which became a rich joy for most kids, digging, drawing, jumping and even rolling in the fun stuff.

Wooden cabins, creative roots, nuts, sprouts, tiny insects and growing trees, the forest is so rich of delightful discoveries for all ages.


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