« Amy’s minute » – Sophrology with Stéphanie – October 2015 to January 2016

Stéphanie Tchopourian, Psychologist/Sophrologist, came to La Maison de l’Enfant 5 times between October and January to lead Sophrology workshops with the PM&PS and the MS&GS.

Through a series of exercises, Stéphanie helped the children reinforce their ability to experience the moment, to appreciate the here and now, and the importance of the body and movement. The children enjoyed these moments that allowed them to connect with their thoughts, feelings and bodies, and grow in autonomy while doing so.

Thanks to Stéphanie’s workshops, the children appreciate meditation, relaxation and taking stock of how they feel. They often ask us to use Stéphanie’s exercises with them!

The video above shows some of the exercises Stéphanie did with the children. They began each session by waking up the body. Then followed a variety of activities around relaxation, yoga, wellbeing, stretching, balance and sensations(e.g. Noa the Cat’s Journey through the Animal Kingdom(using various yoga positions);Let’s Take a Walk in Relaxation; The Giant Smile; The Magic Feather, The Calm Bubble…).

Thank you, Stéphanie, for an enriching experience!

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