« Amy’s Minute » – The End-of-Year School trip! – Thursday the 23rd of May 2019

In accordance with the children’s interest in the forest and nature, this year we took them to Espace Rambouillet.

The children watched a birds of prey show under the magnificent May sun, ‘ooo’ing and ‘aaah’ing at the sight of everything from vultures, falcons and even a bald-headed eagle! Some of them came really close, too!

Then it was time to climb some trees! Well, not in the conventional sense, anyway!  We traveled the elevated walkways on rickety wooden bridges, exploring information points along the way, and the children were in their element!

No sooner were we back on solid ground that Bambi was calling us!  Vantage points allowed us to observe deer without disturbing or frightening them. The children were in awe of these beautiful creatures that live all around us but are so seldom seen.

After our adventures, we were ready to get together to eat some snacks! Our group of parents and children all sat together on a long table and filled our bellies while talking about what we had seen, and what a wonderful day we had had!

All that was left to do was get on the coach and fall asleep!


















Here are some pictures of our day!

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