« Amy’s Minute » Puppet Show at La Maison de L’Enfant – 25th of November 2022

We had a professional puppeteer at school today, thanks to Lenny, a little boy in the Middle Section who is crazy about puppet shows!

As a birthday present for Lenny, his mum organised a visit from the Guignols de Ranelagh and a show for all the children at school. The performer needed an hour and half just to set up all his material! We knew we were in for a very good show!

Our audience of children were called to take their seats in ‘Lili’s room’ for the big show. They were so excited and happy ton have such a special treat! And the puppeteer definitely didn’t disappoint! He told us the story of The Princess and the Lamb, complete with funny voices, jokes galore and a moral at the end, too! The children were doubled over with laughter and interacted wonderfully with the puppets! It was a really special and memorable afternoon! Thank you Lenny!


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