« Amy’s Minute » – Projection of our film ‘La Soupe à La Grenouille – 7th of November

Lili and I asked all the children who would like to participate in the writing and making of a Hallowee’n themed film.

A group started to think of ideas for the story and put them in order. They were encouraged to think about how they would put their ideas into action and what was in the realms of possibility, of course!

Those who wished to participate as actors in the film decided which roles they would take and we began filming!

Once the filming was done, the children decided it would be a good idea to make a ‘trailer’ for their film in order to entice their parents to come to the film’s premiere at school.

Here are the results…


We invited the parents to the film premiere and a Question and Answer session…


And here’s the movie:


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