« Amy’s Minute » – ‘On the Wall’ Exhibition with the Big Section – Friday the 8th of February 2019

Being in the Big Section has certain privileges. One being that during the year, the Big Section go on outings reserved exclusively for them.

The first outing this year solely for the Big Section was to see the exhibition ‘On the Wall’ at the Grand Palais. This was an exhibition of a collection of works inspired by Michael Jackson.

The children already love dancing to Michael’s music and watching videos of him. They have come to admire his talent almost as much as me! That’s why it seemed only natural we explore this exhibition together. We studied the guidebook togher in the days leading up to the outing and the children were excited to see the works « pour de vrai ». We looked into the symbolism and the cultural/historical references in the works exhibited, which made our time at the exhibition all the more interesting.

They particularly liked the ‘3 Mikes’, the loafers held up by balloons, the ‘Dangerous’ cover and the leather jacket decorated with mini spoons and forks, that Michael ACTUALLY WORE!!


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