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“Amy’s Minute” – A Concert just for us! Maryse Ngalula / Jean-Rémy Guédon– Friday the 4th of November 2016

This Friday the MS and GS were treated to an extra-special outing. We took 2 buses to get to the La Boutique de Val in Meudon to listen to live music played by two very talented artists. Maryse Ngalula, renowned singer/guitarist/songwriter from the Democratic Republic of Congo, sang to us in languages native to her country and gave us goose pimples as she passionately sang songs she had written. Jean-Rémy Guédon, Professionel saxophonist and composer of incredible talent( accompaniements and talked to us about the intricacies of setting up for a concert.

The children were mesmerised! It was a magical moment to share with the children! We are now big fans!


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